Production Update #1

After a long intensive search, a trustworthy, reliable partner has been found, which meets our high standards. With its outstanding drive technology, LINAK will equip the Gamebuddy PRO with electric drives and thus be responsible for the fully electric adjustability of the table. Linear actuators of the model LA23 (black) are used which have been perfectly matched to our table.
LINAK Linear Actuator LA23 black

LINAK is one of the leading manufacturers and developers of linear drives and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of drive technology, is characterized by first-class quality and operates, among other things, production sites in Europe and the USA.



We are pleased to announce that all our tables are equipped with 3 of these high-quality drives and look forward to see the first tests with joy.

For those who want even more mobility from their GameBuddy PRO, it will be optional to purchase the battery box in our shop. Thus one is able to use the table without power cable.



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Let’s KICK this off soon! I’m in. Finally a desk made for true gamers who also hates clutter. Fold and hide away…excellent!


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