The versatility in the application possibilities of the GameBuddy PRO was achieved by a basic version of the table on which a modular structure can be built. This basic version already fulfills all requirements to use the table mobile and to adapt it fully electrically to ergonomic needs. With the optionally available attachments, the table can now be completely adapted to your own needs.

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Basic Workstation

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Why GameBuddy PRO?

First things first: Primarily the GameBuddy PRO was developed by gamers for gamers. Regardless of whether Racing, Flight, MMO, FPS or other, the GameBuddy PRO is the answer for all gamers. In the course of the development, however, the Gamebuddy PRO not only turned out to be a unique fully electrical couch gaming solution, but due to its modularity, flexibility and mobility it is a multifunctional table for almost everyone. It can be used in many areas, be it as a presentation table, drawing table or as a coffee table. Even in bed you do not have to do without it, you can push it laterally under the bed because of its cantilevered design and thus has a stable table in front of you, which you just turn away when not needed. The Gamebuddy PRO receives almost the stability of a conventional desk, but takes up much less space. Thanks to its innovative design, the GameBuddy PRO can be ergonomically adapted to all personal needs with little effort. Even the table leg can be mounted on the right or left side due the modular construction. When the GameBuddy PRO is not needed, it can be conveniently folded and stowed away. This flexibility allows it to be used in any location.


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Production Update #14

Hello everybody,Since some time has passed since our last post, we want to inform you today about the current state of development and progress. The ongoing global corona epidemic has also slowed our development a little. As a result, our schedule has regrettably been mixed up and the planned start of the kickstarter-campaign is being delayed....
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The world's first professional multifunctional ergonomic All-In-One Couch Gaming/Working Solution

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