Production Update #14

Hello everybody,

Since some time has passed since our last post, we want to inform you today about the current state of development and progress.

The ongoing global corona epidemic has also slowed our development a little. As a result, our schedule has regrettably been mixed up and the planned start of the kickstarter-campaign is being delayed.

Due to several consecutive events that were unpredictable for us, we received the metal parts of the prototype with an almost 6 months delay on Feb. 5th., 2021, instead of as planned and agreed in Sept. 2020. Among other things, agreed dates (delivery dates / meeting dates) were not kept. In addition there were constant visual and technical quality defects. We did not want to and could not accept this, as we only want to offer first class quality to our potential customers. For the reasons mentioned above, we decided to separate from this company.

What happens next?

Negotiations are already underway with new partners who will take over the production of the metal parts of the GameBuddy PRO.

    Since the current prototype does not even come close to the quality that we would like for a final product and thus intended for our customers, the following points would have to be revised or corrected:

    • Optimization of the surface coating of the metal parts (powder coating / anodizing)
    • Optimization of the dip coating of all modular accessories for a perfect hold.
    • Optimization of the monitor stand

    In the meantime, negotiations have also been held with the third largest freight forwarder in the world. DBSchenker is to take over the worldwide dispatch of the GameBuddy PRO and thus guarantee a smooth process.

    Some companies have already presented or sent us several professional packaging designs, which at first glance made a very good, high-quality impression that matched the product. However, since this is lower on the priority list due to the current situation, more on this in one of the next posts.

    The first wooden panels from our partner Gustav Voit GmbH & Co. KG that have already been completed some time ago are of very high quality (see Fig. below) and correspond to our ideas and requirements.

    Wood TableTop 1

    Wood TableTop 2

    Wood TableTop 3

    The emblem was still made by our former metal parts supplier - engraving not yet centered.

    Wood TableBottom1
    Wood TableBottom 2
    Wood Panels

    Since the external development of the electronics did not achieve sufficient results until November 2020, we finally decided to develop the entire electronics for the Gamebuddy PRO in-house. We are now happy to announce that the electronic components are being finalized so that they can soon be approved for series production. (see Fig. Electronics 1 & 2)
    GameBuddy PRO Electronics 1
    Electronics 1
    GameBuddy PRO Electronics 2
    Electronics 2
    Only high quality components from well-known manufacturers such as Siemens / Infineon were used to meet our high standards.

    A revision of our homepage is also on the agenda.

    At the end of this post it remains to say that we would like to thank the patience of all those who would like to call a GameBuddy PRO their own. We are doing everything humanly possible to start the Kickstarter campaign as soon as possible.

    Your GameBuddy PRO Team


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