Production Update #9

Hello everybody,

Following on from our last blog post, we would like to announce all information about the current state of development:

The partner mentioned in the last post, who was responsible for the production of the aluminum components, wanted to manufacture the components for the second prototype now for free, in order to compensate the already occurred delay.
We wanted to grant him this last chance, but he did not stick to our specifications again. Informations in the technical plans were ignored, components were wrongly manufactured and we don't even need to talk about the quality.

This prompted us to permanently separate from this company.

Our technical team is currently in the process of manufacturing a functioning 2nd prototype from the already acceptable components of the 1st prototype and from the usable parts of the 2nd prototype.

The functioning electronics to be able to control the table should also be finished by the end of October (after a 2-month delay), according to the information provided by the persons responsible for the task. If this is not the case, we will immediately hire someone else.

Our next goal in November is to send the working table including built-in electronics for the first safety and functional check to the TÜV (Association for Technical Inspection) in Germany.

If this first technical inspection was carried out by TÜV, our new partner from Germany comes into play.

We have found a partner with excellent expertise in aluminum processing. Among other things, they work in the aerospace industry. SP-Metall will produce the 3rd prototype and correct the TÜV's complaints regarding safety and function. Subsequently, following a successful crowdfunding campaign, we will commission SP-Metall and all our other partner companies with series production.

We look forward to working with SP-Metall and we are pleased to be able to offer our potential customers a product that is 95% stamped "Made in Germany".

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