Production Update #6

Hello gamers and lovers of exclusive work desks and furniture,

We are pleased to report that 2/3 of the aluminum parts for the first prototype have reached us and that we have already been able to assess them most accurately. We have already created error lists and improvement lists to move forward in production as fast as possible. The parts are mostly still untreated as can be seen in the pictures and by no means represent the finished product.


We use only high-quality aluminum from Austria which is subsequently provided with a powder coating. For test purposes, we have powder coated parts of the joystick mount as shown in the following pictures.


Also for testing purposes, we used an untreated wood panel with approximately the same specific weight of the final wood panel. The wood panel shown here does not correspond visually and qualitatively to the finished product.


As I was informed during the creation of this post, the remaining aluminum parts have just arrived. We will be able to present a fully assembled prototype at the beginning of next week. Until then, a nice weekend and stay tuned ...

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