Production Update #2.5

Hello everybody,

here is a brief update regarding our tablet/mobile phone holder:

After receiving the sample copies from VidaBox for our prototype we unfortunately had to realize that the proposed holder is far too heavy and bulky for our table. In addition, needed components from another manufacturer didn't meet our expectations and set quality standards. Since we do not compromise on quality, someone had to be found who lived up to our standards. We tested some products of a small company called ULANZI which is specialized in "Phone-graphy" and were very impressed by the manufacturing quality of their products.
We decided to design our tablet/mobile phone holder from scratch. The main focus was on compactness, weight and flexibility. ULANZI will be the supplier of the main components. On top of that, we can now offer our customers a product that is top notch in terms of both, price and quality, and that means that our customers have no losses but only advantages.

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