Production Update #13


here as promised our July update 2/3.

As already announced, we will report in this update about the meeting with our new partner Gustav Voit GmbH & Co. KG, which manufactures all wooden parts of the GameBuddy PRO, and about the 3-day prototype optimization with our partner SP-Metall GmbH, who is responsible for all metal parts .

Since the companies are only 15 minutes apart, we were able to hold both meetings from June 28, 2020 to July 1, 2020.

The short distance between the two company locations also has a logistical advantage, it is now possible for us to react immediately to any kind of problems or ambiguities and to solve them as quickly as possible.

We scheduled the meeting with our new partner Gustav Voit GmbH & Co. KG early in the morning on June 28, 2020, so that we could devote as much time as possible to prototype optimization.

Gustav Voit GmbH & Co. KG:

After the very warm welcome from the owner and two employees, a company tour took place. The number of options that have opened up for us to manufacture the wooden parts now enable us to break new ground. There are almost no limits to us. We are now able to offer optional table tops with epoxy resin logos / patterns or LED lighting in the event of increased demand. (see below)

Two different wooden surfaces are already being offered exclusively for the planned Kickstarter campaign:

  • HPL (High Pressure Laminate) - black surface
  • Real wood - walnut satin (sweet gum) surface

    After the company tour, we were presented with a first sample of the table top in order to be able to check the quality we required. (see below)

    Surface in the image above does not yet correspond to the final product.

    There was also a first fit test for the GameBuddy PRO logo made of aluminum, which is inserted into a milling provided in the table top. (see below)

    Surfaces in the images above does not yet correspond to the final product.


    SP-Metall GmbH:

    In order to use our time in Germany as effectively as possible, we started with prototype optimization immediately after our meeting mentioned above. The high demands we place on the stability and load capacity of the cantilever table top are the greatest challenges that still have to be mastered. In the 3 days available to us, our technicians and designers sat down with the SP-Metall manufacturers, discussed and planned various manufacturing techniques in order to achieve the required stability as soon as possible. 

    Research & Development in Germany

    Some ideas were immediately implemented on site to see whether it makes sense to pursue these ideas or to reject them. In the course of the 3-day prototype optimization, however, we came to the following decision: In order to be able to guarantee the required and expected stability, the weight of the basic table must be increased from previous approx. 30 kg to approx. 55 kg. The stability of the electrically adjustable table leg already comes very close to our ideas.

    We are also very satisfied with the new design and test production of the new rail system for pedal plate, joystick holder and monitor holder. (see below)


    First test of the new rail system

    It still needs to be considered whether all the screws visible on the table top are countersunk - what do you think?

    Regarding the table control electronics, it should be said that it will be ready for series production by mid-August, and if the planned Kickstarter stretch goal "Mobile control" should be achieved, there will also be the option of controlling the table via app. (iOS / Android)

    In terms of design, there will certainly be one or two minor changes, and a final prototype is already planned for the period between September 10, 2020 to September 15, 2020, which will then be tested in detail and handed over to the TÜV (Association for Technical Inspection) becomes.

    In the meantime, the crowdfunding campaign (Kickstarter) has been worked on and a draft has been completed. With the completion of the final prototype, the shooting of the Kickstarter product video begins.

    An update and redesign of the homepage is also planned in the next few weeks.

    Since the beginning of the development of this high-quality product, we have set ourselves the goal of not compromising on quality and functionality, and it is very important to us that the GameBuddy PRO meets all the requirements that it has to accomplish. For these reasons we would like to thank our potential customers for their "perseverance and patience" over the past few months and at the same time we apologize for the long development time.

    See you next week for the final July update 3/3

    Markus & the GameBuddy PRO Team

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