Production Update #11

Hello everybody,

we hope you are all doing well considering the global precarious situation (COVID-19).

Here is a small production update:

Like most companies worldwide, we are currently limited in our development / production by the pandemic and unfortunately the planned Kickstarter campaign will be delayed.

Because health should be a top priority for all of us and we need to protect ourselves and our partner companies, so we canceled all personal cross-border meetings and decided to hold all possible meetings via Skype.

We will also do our best to prioritize any work that can be done from home to minimize delays in the Kickstarter campaign and production.

We are already working on the Kickstarter campaign and our Kickstarter video.

In cooperation with our partner SP-Metall from Germany, we have already made optimizations and improvements to the basic table in order to ensure even more stability. Images will be submitted as soon as possible.

The talks mentioned in the last blog post regarding the optimization of the electric linear actuators with our partner LINAK were also very positive and we are extremely satisfied with the results. Among other things, we now get the linear actuators completely in black, which means that the overall visual impression of the table appears more coherent.

The optimization of the optional monitor stand is also in progress.

If you have any questions, just write us.

That was all the latest news from our side, we will keep you up to date and at the end of this blog post we only have to say:

Please protect yourself and your fellow human beings by staying at home for the next few weeks / months.
Only together we can defeat COVID-19, help the economy to recover and return to normal.

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