Production Update #10

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Hello everybody,

we are pleased to announce the following news for Nov./ Dec.2019:

On November 14, 2019, there was another meeting with our new partner SP-Metall, which from now on takes over the complete production of the aluminum components. Also, the assembly and shipping preparation of the GameBuddy PRO is realized by SP-Metall in Germany.

Since the company, which up to now was responsible for the aluminum parts, ignored technical specifications and instructions, we completed the current prototype from already functioning components of the first prototype and from the few usable parts of the second prototype:


The pictures above show the current prototype without screws with some accessories. As you can see, many parts do not fit into each other because, as already mentioned, technical specifications were not met during production. The images shown are NOT yet the final product.


The electronics are also assembled and installed (in the table leg) in Germany. The electronic components shown here are still in the development stage and do NOT show the final product.


At the meeting on November 14, 2019, it was also decided that the current prototype will be transferred to SP-Metall to have it analyzed on-site, in order to subsequently eliminate any remaining errors and to make improvements.





As I write these lines, the prototype has already arrived at SP-Metall in Germany.

From now on, SP-Metall works very closely with our people in the areas of troubleshooting / optimization / improvement to achieve the fastest possible results.

A solution for extendable wheels under the table is also being worked on.

Talks with LINAK concerning the optimization of the linear actuators are conducted.

It is planned that the final prototype will be sent to the TÜV (Association for Technical Inspection) in early / mid-February 2020. Thereafter, any complaints are repaired as quickly as possible to begin with the packaging design.

We want to wish all our potential customers

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